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  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, Varna


    The Cathedral Church of the Virgin's Assumption in Varna has become one of the most popular symbols of the city. The lustre of its golden domes…see entire text »

    Cathedral Varna
  • Sea Garden Varna


    If you are in the Bulgarian seaside city of Varna and do not walk in the Sea Garden, it is as if to be in Rome and not to see the Pope. see entire text »

    Sea Garden
  • St. Nikola Church, Varna


    The 19th-century Church of St. Nikola is one of the historic sights in the Black Sea city of Varna you can not miss…see entire text »

    St. Nikola Nikola
  • Halcolite Necropolis – Museum of Archeology Varna


    In the famous Halcolite Necropolis of Varna is found the most ancient hand crafted gold in Europe, a proof for the existence of one of the oldest human civilizations…see entire text »

    Varna Halcolite Necropolis
  • A Walk in Roman Serdica


    If you have some free time while you are in the city centre of Sofia, you can spend it in a pleasant walk around the archeological monuments survived from the time of the glorious ancient city of Serdica...see entire text »

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Some of the Bulgaria's most popular destinations and tourist sights:
Veliko Tarnovo
Selected hotels and other accommodation options in the picturesque medieval capital city of Veliko Tarnovo.
St. Alexander Nevsky
The Cathedral of St. Alexan- der Nevsky is one of the most popular symbols of Sofia and Bulgaria.
St. George
The ancient Church of St. George, also known as the Rotonda, is located in the historic heart of Sofia.
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